How we help - We Automate & Escalate!

Web technology can provide associations with systems that make light work of admin, resulting in savings of time & money. Size no longer matters as much – 1000 members can be almost as easy to manage as 100 when you automate routine tasks such as joining & renewals.  Escalate the growth of your membership without fear of filing…

For your board...

Robert is treasurer of a 400-member association...


He is also the owner of a small business.

Robert struggles with the demands of running an association in his “spare time” and his fellow board members feel the same way. Robert’s wife has forgotten what he looks like.

He is secretly terrified of membership growth and the impact it could have on his time and marriage!

But…no other member is prepared to take on this role.

Our Solution:

Tailored administration support services to free your time, including:

  • Member’s hotline
  • Event scheduling and marketing
  • Membership payment management
  • Communications
  • Website content management

Coupled with our automated online system, built on your website.

3 reasons to automate

  • 🔀

    Take the pressure off

    Free your board from the tyranny of the day to day running of your association.  You won’t attract future board members if you are making them lick stamps!

  • Save Time and Money

    Automation will reduce your costs by saving on manual processing, postage, phone and staff time. Communication becomes a breeze, and your association looks more professional.

  • 🚀

    Focus on growth

    At last, the board is free to concentrate on developing member benefits and services. Watch your association take off!

For your staff...

Cheryl is the executive officer...

cherylShe is frustrated at the soul-destroying hack-work that eats up so much of her time. She never has time for developing initiatives to grow the membership and improve services. She spends far too much time chasing up unfinancial members and keeping the database up-to-date. The phone is always ringing with member queries. Cheryl is swamped with lists – membership lists, email lists, event lists, newsletter lists – and they never seem to match!

Our Solution:

Our automated system makes it just as easy to run an association of 2000 as 200. All elements are fully integrated:

  • Membership database with automated renewal emails,
  • Access to member-only areas on your website,
  • Online event registration and payment,
  • Bulk email to members,
  • eNewsletter (synchronised with the master database)

All running on your own website.

3 ways to save their sanity

  • Less grunt work

    Integrated systems reduce double-handling and boring data entry.  Reduction in paperwork through increased use of web technology means you are also giving your organisation the big green tick of environmental friendliness.

  • Increase job satisfaction

    Learn to love your job again. Let state-of-the-art systems make your work a breeze.

  • 🏆

    More time for innovation and creativity

    Time to shine! Now you have space to work on the creative ideas you’ve had for so long.

For your members...

Sandra wants to join the best association in her industry...

sandraSandra  is looking to join a professional association that is at the cutting edge. She expects to do everything online, use her credit card and have easy access to great information and resources.

Online professional development will get her attention and save her taking time off from her job.

Our Solution:

All services delivered online:

  • Instant joining and renewal (with automated reminders)
  • Member directory
  • Event registration
  • Professional education and resources
  • Online shop with member discounts

3 reasons to join

  • Instant Renewals

    Conveniently renew your membership online after receiving your automated email reminder. Just click on the link!

  • 📣

    Register online for events and conferences

    Latest events notified by email. Easy online registration books you in on the spot. No filling out forms or missing out on the event.

  • 🎓

    Online Education and CPD

    Remote learning – video, audio and downloadable resources. Then answer the quiz to qualify for formal assessment or just to test your knowledge. Access a searchable knowledgebank of professional resources.